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Hyosung NH-1800 ATM


NH-1800, a product of Nautilus Hyosung’s ATM technology acquired from years of experience in the retail industry, is engineered to provide outstanding reliability at an affordable price. Unit arrangement, voice guidance system, and transaction guidance indicator offers comfortable accessibility to all customers. Furthermore highly visible topper makes it easy for customers to locate the ATM.

• Reliability

State of the art technology acquired through our experience in the US retail industry ensures speedy & accurate transactions. Features such as UL291 business hour safe, VISA/PCI EPP certified and verified software make NH-1800 a leader in ATM security.


• Scalability

Equipped with a wide variety of cash dispensing units, NH-1800 series not only can fill up to 6,000 notes but also gives a choice of price range for the customers. In addition, the display and the safe specification can be customized as an option.


• Flexibility

Small foot print and ergonomic design allows NH-1800 to be installed in virtually anywhere and the function keys with 7" wide display and voice guidance system complies with ADA regulations. NH-1800 is simply the ultimate ATM solution in the off-premise industry.

Hyosung NH-1800 CE ATM


The NH-1800 CE offers exceptional value with the power of a Microsoft® Windows® CE platform. Featuring a new topper design, it is also an attractive addition to any retail setting.

• Maximum Reliability

The 1800 CE is designed to provide industry leading quality and reliability with highest uptime rates. The 1800 CE is designed to require minimum maintenance and all Nautilus Hyosung ATMs are known for reliability and have a proven track record in the U.S. market.


• Quick Pick Lotto Software Ready

The 1800 CE is capable of being loaded with Linq 3's proprietary Quick Pick Lotto software. Quick Pick Lotto capability can be upgraded to existing CE models already installed, or added to new ATMs you order.


• Capacity up to 4,000 Notes

A variety of cash-dispensing configurations are available with a capacity of up to 4,000 notes. The 1800 CE is available with a 1,000 note removable cassette or optional 2,000 note removable cassette, upgradable to 2 cassettes.


• Secure Communications

The 1800 CE comes with TCP/IP (SSL configurable) communication capability to support high-volume locations.

Hyosung NH-2700 CB ATM


The 2700 CE is the most advanced, next generation ATM for the retail market.

• Design

The modern, yet simple design of the 2700 CE looks like no other ATM before its time. The elegant lines of the 2700 CE allows it to fit in, and even enhance, any setting. The optional LED topper or LCD topper are powerful advertising tools and seamless extensions of the ATM.


• Dynamic User Interface

The 2700 CE's highly advanced user interface and graphics compliments the design. Enhanced features include streaming news and weather updates, background changes, advertising capability, and vibrating touch screen.

• More Power and Security

The ARM v7 Cortex A8 834MHz CPU, has expert data processing capabilities to power multitasking, networking, and enhanced graphics & audio.

Hyosung NH-1500 ATM


The NH-1500 is the most reliable and most cost effective ATM available in retail ATMs. It gives small footprint to minimize floor space requirement.

 • ADA compliant

Numerous enhancements to meet ADA and PIN security requirements makes the NH-1500 the clear choice for any retail ATM deployment.

• Eye-catching design

The Mini-Bank's eye-catching inviting design draws in customers.

• Wide range of available options

It offers a range of options to custom configure an ATM solution for any location. No other ATM manufacturer offers the same level of integrated design and built in flexibility.